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Improve Sleep Healthcare

by Connecting in the Cloud

Somnoware is the exclusive software partner of Welltrinsic, a national network founded by American Academy

of Sleep Medicine (AASM). See how we’re working together to connect providers to the future of sleep medicine.

The Future of Sleep

Somnoware brings the cloud to sleep medicine, making it easy for physicians, sleep centers, patients and insurers to connect and help improve outcomes.

Automate. Connect. Grow.

Somnoware helps improve care by automatically connecting each person and every major device involved in the sleep disorder cycle.


Provide better care and gain a competitive advantage with easy access to a 360-degree view of your patients’ sleep data. Somnoware gives you a single place to access your patients’ records, device output and therapy information.

Somnoware makes it simple to connect to the right networks and move patients seamlessly from consult to therapy.

Therapy Providers

Discover the benefits of collecting your patients’ sleep data in the cloud.

Somnoware simplifies everything from receiving referral documentation and managing compliance to communicating with other providers to offer complete care.

Sleep Centers & Home Testing Providers

Meet the new AASM guidelines by collecting patients’ therapy outcomes data and integrating it with their home sleep testing and in-lab diagnostics.

Somnoware makes it easy and is device and manufacturer agnostic, saving you money.

Patients & Payors

Ensure quality aligns with cost by being a part of the sleep disorder care process. Somnoware’s unique approach gives payors visibility into the sleep health management system to help support the delivery of value-based care.

Somnoware is free for patients.

About Us

In the last five years, the cloud has created opportunities to do business better. Somnoware’s founders recognize that connecting patient data and providers to the cloud is just the beginning of revolutionizing sleep care.

Know More. Do Better.

Whether you’re growing your practice, treating a patient or setting payment processes, Somnoware can help you access information and make improvements. Explore Somnoware’s products to find the right solution for your needs.

Our Clients

Since Somnoware first gave sleep centers access to the cloud more than three years ago, hundreds of sleep care providers across the United States have adopted our software. Today, we continue to provide breakthrough technology to our first customers while expanding our capabilities to be able to serve thousands of physicians and durable medical equipment providers.

  • "It used to take me 30 days from the date of study to make the study billable. I am down to 6 days! I contribute that to Somnoware because of the streamlined process."

    Lea M. Desmarteau
    Lea M. Desmarteau CEO of WellNecessities | 2 year user
  • "I have been a user of Somnoware for about 2 years now. It is very easy to edit reports and I have found as I've been using it that so many of my reports don't even require editing. The system is quite good at putting everything there that you need and tailoring it to fit the way you like to do your interpretations."

    Terry Grainger, MD
    Terry Grainger, MDColumbia, SC
  • "I think Somnoware has been doing their homework, getting the details on how to properly manage the flow of information from scheduling patients to collecting data as well as managing the outcome. It looks like it's going to be a very useful tool."

    Robert Tearse, MD
    Robert Tearse, MDEugene, OR
  • "I've used four or five different systems. This is by far the easiest to use for producing reports. I'm a busy Cardiologist. Sleep is my passion, but I don't always have a lot of time to do post-report adjustments. Somnoware makes it so easy to interface and put in your diagnoses. It's so user friendly."

    Rodney V. Harrison, MD
    Rodney V. Harrison, MDColumbia, SC
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