From referral sources and labs to interpreting physicians and therapy providers, Somnoware is a powerful web-based data access platform that accelerates accurate diagnosis, speeds delivery of treatment, and helps ensure compliance.

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American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), the leader in setting standards and promoting excellence in Sleep Medicine launches Welltrinsic Sleep Network, in an exclusive partnership with Somnoware, to connect stakeholders with the future of sleep medicine. Read More...

Revolutionize Care
Somnoware is revolutionizing care with:
  • Efficient Workflow Automation
  • Effective Communication
  • Ensured Security
Simply put, Somnoware reduces the cost of
care and ensures better outcomes.

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Our Clients Talk
“The Somnoware software is easy to access, learn and master. A busy sleep physician can review and interpret sleep studies quickly and efficiently.

The support services are particularly outstanding. Friendly and expert assistance is readily and immediately available by phone whenever needed, day, night or weekends.”

Jeffrey P. Barasch MD, FAASM,
FCCP, The Valley Hospital